The Dubuque County Fairgrounds and Event Center offers several options to accommodate your food and beverage requests. We will ensure quality food service for your guests by providing a list of approved, licensed caterers. They can provide appetizers, dinner buffets, sandwiches, desserts, and more.

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The Dubuque County Fairgrounds and Event Center has a list of approved caterers that you must select from. Any food brought in must be from a caterer on our list, if they are not on our list ask us how to get them on. Your cake may be brought in from a catering service outside of this list, but they must still be licensed and insured. You must inform the Fairgrounds Office of the name of the caterer and the number of people you are ordering food for. Please contact the caterer for their menu and prices.

All catering must be done by the caterers listed below. You need to mention that your reception is taking place at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds & Event Center for accurate pricing.

The Barn – 563-552-2353
Rhody’s – 563-585-1500
J&D Catering – 563-921-2935
Kalmes Catering – 563-773-2480
Hy-Vee (Asbury Plaza) – 563-583-2199
Hy-Vee (Locust Street) – 563-583-6148
Hy-Vee (Dodge Street) – 563-583-5204
Poorman’s Café and Catering – 563-552-1881
Edgewood Locker563-928-6814
Tony Roma’s– 563-690-3249
Iowa BBQ Company – 319-981-3955
Eichman’s Bar & Family Restaurant – 563-552-2494
Catfish Charlie’s – 563-582-8600

A 15% gratuity is automatically charged on all food and beverage orders that are charged to the master bill.

The Dubuque County Fairgrounds and Event Center does not provide bussing service for your meal. The caterer is responsible for the majority of the clean-up of plates and utensils. Please inquire with them if there is an additional bussing charge, as this service is required.