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You are welcome to bring in your own decorations. The Dubuque County Fairgrounds and Event Center also has items you may rent from us, including decorations and table linens.

Event Center Rentals Brochure To view all rules and other detailed information regarding renting the Dubuque County Fairgrounds and Event Center for your next event, download our 2019-Banquet facility rates.

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Lighted Back Drop$50 each


Banquet Table Linen – $6 each
Round Table Linen – $6 each
13’ Skirting – $20 each
16’ Linen Skirting – $24 each
21’ Linen Skirting – $28 each
Plastic covering for all tables – $75 ($85 if over 700 guests)
Chair covers $1.50 each


  • We do not allow tape or staples on our floors, furniture, or walls. This includes adhesive products on the dance floor.
  • Confetti, sand, crystal gel balls, etc., of any type are prohibited.
  • Candles must be in candle holders. No free standing candles are allowed.
  • The Fairgrounds’ staff will not light candles the day of your event.
  • All décor items that you bring in must be removed at the end of your event, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Fair Office.