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How do I see the view from my seat before I buy my tickets?2020-06-05T10:46:44-05:00

Click an area on the map to see the view from that area: 

Concert Seat View

Click an area on the map to see the view of the stage from that area.

Concert Seat View
Festival Area - LeftFestival - CenterFestival - RightReserved Grandstand - A - BottomReserved Grandstand - A - TopReserved Grandstand - B - BottomReserved Grandstand - B - TopReserved Grandstand - C - BottomReserved Grandstand - C - TopReserved Grandstand - D - BottomReserved Grandstand - D - TopReserved Grandstand - E - BottomReserved Grandstand - E - TopEast Hillside - BottomEast Hillside - TopWest HillsideGA Grandstand - F - TopGA Grandstand - F - BottomGA Grandstand - G - TopGA Grandstand - G - BottomGA Grandstand - H - TopGA Grandstand - H - BottomGA Grandstand - I - TopGA Grandstand - I - BottomGA Grandstand - J - TopGA Grandstand - J - BottomGA Grandstand - K - TopGA Grandstand - K - Bottom

Festival Area - Left

Festival - Center

Reserved Grandstand - A - Bottom

Reserved Grandstand - A - Top

Reserved Grandstand - B - Bottom

Reserved Grandstand - B - Top

Reserved Grandstand - C - Bottom

Reserved Grandstand - C - Top

Reserved Grandstand - D - Bottom

Reserved Grandstand - D - Top

Reserved Grandstand - E - Bottom

Reserved Grandstand - E - Top

East Hillside - Bottom

East Hillside - Top

GA Grandstand - F - Top

GA Grandstand - F - Bottom

GA Grandstand - G - Top

GA Grandstand - G - Bottom

GA Grandstand - H - Top

GA Grandstand - H - Bottom

GA Grandstand - I - Top

GA Grandstand - I - Bottom

GA Grandstand - J - Top

GA Grandstand - J - Bottom

GA Grandstand - K - Top

GA Grandstand - K - Bottom

These images serve as a reference only and may not be exactly your view from that same section due to various factors.

How wide are reserved grandstand seats?2020-06-04T18:17:39-05:00

The lower grandstand reserved seats are 1.5 feet wide. Therefore, 4 seats are 6 feet long.

Can you make special accommodations for me?2022-04-08T11:07:33-05:00

Yes, we can! Please call or stop by our office for more information and to arrange any accommodations.

Can I make a suggestion for next year’s concert?2017-11-26T22:40:17-06:00

Yes! Please do so on our fair feedback form!

What are the differences between the seat sections?2017-11-27T20:45:08-06:00

Each section of seating offers different amenities.

Festival Area

Standing room only, this section is right in front of the stage and provides the best concert experience. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase directly from the festival area. There are also port-a-potties available in this section. This section is accessed by stairs, but special accommodations can be made by contacting the fair office. Attendees may exit and return to this section, but because it is standing room only you might want to have someone save your spot. Get there early! The line starts at gate 3.

Grandstand Reserved

This is the bottom half of the grandstand and provides fairgoers an excellent view of the stage while sitting. To make your experience even more comfortable, these seats have backs. These seats are accessed via stairs. As the name implies, this section’s seating is reserved – so you can get up from your seats safely knowing they’ll be waiting for you when you return from the restroom with a cup of lemonade. Enter at gates 4 and 5.

Grandstand General Admission

These seats are at the top half of the grandstand and still provides concert goers a great view. These seats are bench style (no back rests) and first-come, first-serve – so if you leave and come back you might not get the exact same seat again. (Unless you have someone save it for you!) These seats are accessed by stairs, with the exception of the top row which is accessible for wheelchairs. Enter at gates 6 and 7 .

Hillside General Admission

These seats are on both the east and west sides of the grandstand and are great for those on a budget. The views are still good, but not as good as the grandstand or festival area seats. These seats are bench-style and on a grassy hillside. There’s also plenty of room on the grass if you’d rather take in the concert picnic style! These seats are accessed by stairs, but have space for wheelchair accessible seating at the top of both sides. Enter at gates 1 or 9.

Where is the box office?2020-06-17T18:20:39-05:00

During the fair, the box office is at the top of the grandstand. (You will need to pay admission to enter the fairgrounds to access it.)

The rest of the year, all ticket-related injuries are handled in the fair office.

Where are the bathrooms and ATMS?2017-11-26T22:15:44-06:00

Here’s the closest available restrooms and ATMs to the concert:

Where is my gate?2017-11-26T22:11:29-06:00

Your gate number can be found on this map:

Where is the will call?2022-04-08T11:08:05-05:00

During the fair, the will call is located in the box office at the top of the grandstand. Before fair, all will-call tickets are available in the fair office.

I’ve lost my ticket. What do I do?2017-04-09T21:11:26-05:00

Call or stop by our office (the box office at the top of the grandstands during the fair). We can reprint you a new ticket. (We will also void out your old ticket so that no one else can use it.)

Can I get a backstage pass?2017-04-09T21:07:33-05:00

We do not sell back stage (VIP) passes to the general public. Generally, back stage passes are reserved for sponsors and specific Dubuque County Fair Staff. From time-to-time, some of our sponsors will give away back stage passes through contests. Do not buy back stage passes from anyone else – they are most likely fake. 

Can my child sit on my lap for the concert, or do they need a ticket?2017-11-24T10:50:00-06:00

Children 2 and younger may sit on a parent’s lap. We require tickets for anyone 3 and older who will be attending the concert.

Does my concert ticket include fair admission?2018-04-19T17:57:21-05:00

Concert tickets do not include the required fair admission, which is $10 for anyone 12 or older (children 11 and younger are free for general fair admission). You will need to purchase this from our website, the fair office (before fair week only), or when you get to the fair. We accept all credit cards, cash, or check.

What are the ticket fees? Can I avoid paying them?2022-04-08T11:15:15-05:00

The ticket fees help us cover credit card processing and ticket system fees. These fees are automatically applied to every ticket purchased online and over the phone. If you purchase your ticket in person, most of these fees are waived. 

Is there a carry-in policy for concerts?2019-03-01T16:17:44-06:00

Generally, you can bring in anything to the concert venue that you purchase on the fairgrounds. There are some things, however, that we cannot allow due to contract and safety reasons. Please note that we will search all bags for everyone’s safety.

Things that we cannot allow into the concert areas:

  • Anything not allowed on the fairgrounds (including weapons, coolers, and outside alcohol that was not purchased on the fairgrounds).
  • Professional Cameras (Unless you have special permission from the DCFA Management and a media pass.)
  • In the festival area: cans and bottles (We will give you a cup to pour your drink into.)
Can I exchange my concert ticket?2022-04-08T11:16:19-05:00

Yes, you can! Call or stop by or office to do this. This is useful if you need to move your seat to sit next to someone else, or if you’d like to upgrade your seat. We will require you to pay any difference in the seat’s value. If it is more than 1 week away from the event, you may also contact etix to have your tickets upgraded.


Is there a free concert friday this year?2017-11-24T10:52:26-06:00

For the 2018 Dubuque County Fair, we are not doing a Free Concert Friday due to the higher caliber of entertainment we are offering. (This is a change from previous years.)

What are the concert conditions of sale?2017-04-09T21:09:43-05:00

All refunds or exchanges will be at the discretion of management. You assume all risk and danger incidental to the game, exhibition, event, or performance whether occurring prior to, during, or after said show. You assume all risk and danger of injury and you agree that the management, its agents, and the performers are not responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from such causes. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, food, or glass containers allowed. No recording devices, still cameras, or video cameras permitted. No transmission or aiding in transmitting any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the event, game, performance, or exhibition. You hereby consent to the reasonable search for alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons. You further consent to the use of your image or likeness incidental to any display, transmission, or reproduction of the event. Management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms and conditions herein. In the event of a cancellation for which there is no rescheduled date, a refund for this ticket may be issued at the option of the management and may not include additional ticketing fees (i.e., ticketing operations fee, shipping fees, etc.).