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Fair Food

You can’t have a fair without the food! Click on a concessionaire below to see their menu.

4H Food Stand2000px-4H_Emblem.svg

Menu not available at this time.

Adobo’s Mexican Grill

Menu not available at this time.

All Chicken

Menu not available at this time.

Brat House – Ran by A.Y McDonald

Menu not available at this time.

Cal’s Donuts (Tolivar Distributing LLC)
Mini Donuts with several topping options, including chocolate fudge drizzle. $5.oo/bag

Kids day (Wednesday) special until 5pm: Buy one bag at regular price, get 2nd bag for $3.00

Daily Special: Family Bucket (2 bags) for $9.00

Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCAMain-Logo309x100

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade – $3.00

Dubuque County Dairy Association


Dairy Storms – various flavors for $3.00
Daily Flavors Offered in soft serve
Hand-Scooped soft serve cones and dishes for $2.00
Kids Size $1.00
3 cheese sticks for $1.00
Milk – white and chocolate for $1.00
8-10am Tuesday through Friday – Breakfast pizza available

Daily Flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate Soft Serve, Strawberry, Pecan Praline, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream

Flavor of the Day:
Tuesday- Peanut Butter Fudge
Wednesday – Moose Tracks
Thursday – Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Friday – Mocha Almond Fudge
Saturday – Birthday Cake
Sunday – Strawberry Cheese Cake

Dubuque County Shrine Club

Regular popcorn
Carmel popcorn
Cheese popcorn
Nachos and cheese

Dubuque Morning Optimists

Funnel Cakes

Dubuque Noon Lions

Freddie’s Popcorn Company

No menu available at this time.

Just 4 Kicks

Shaved Ice
Iced Coffees

Knights of Columbus

No menu available at this time.

No menu available at this time.

Lutheran Laymen’s League

Ice Cream Cones- $2.50
Malts and Sundaes – $3.00
Banana Splits- $5.00
Pepsi Products and Gatorade – $2.00
Water – $1.50
Hog Wash Juice- $1.25
Freezy Pops – $1.00

Mac N Dogs

No menu at this time.

Steve’s Meat Shop

Daily Lunch Specials: 11am-2pm, Make it a basket for $2 more!

Coupons: Corn Dogs (2) for $6, Smoked Turkey Legs (2) for $16


Smoked Turkey Legs – $10
Cheese Steak – $8
Ribeye Steak – $8
Giant Tenderloin – $7
Butterfly Pork Chop – $6
Pulled Pork – $6
Smoked Bratwurst – $5
Hot Italian Sausage – $6
1/3 Pound Steak Burger – $5
Corn Dog – $4
Nachos w/ Cheese – $4 (add sausage, pork, or steak for $3)
Hot Dog – $2
Fries – $4

Deep Fried Oreo (3) – $5
Deep Fried Twinkie – $5
Deep Fried Bread – $5
Deep Fried Pickles – $5

Pop (Pepsi Brands), Flavored Shakeups, Brewed Tea
Souvenir Cup 22 oz. – $3
Souvenir Cup 32 oz – $5 (refills $3)
Souvenir Cup 44 oz – $6 (refills $4)
Bottled Water – $2
Chips – $1