67th Annual Dubuque County Fair Attractions

Magician John Greene,

What you are about to see will defy explanation…

You’ll witness everything from the classics of the art of magic to minds being read, predictions coming true, and demonstrations that bend and break the natural laws of the universe.

Utilizing his skills as a magician, mentalist, and hypnotist while blending in spontaneity, wit, and showmanship, John creates a show that will mesmerize the masses.

Back by popular demand, the Bubble Tower!

Reptile Adventures,

Meet Danny Conner, “The Croc Doc” ~~ Danny Conner is the owner of Reptile Adventures. Danny has been keeping and caring for reptiles for over 30 years. His unique background blend of, Education, Science, and Theater, makes Danny Conner’s Reptile Adventures, the Number One Reptile Show in the Country! Danny educates, entertains, and fascinates crowds of all ages as he shares his love, knowledge and respect for these amazing and intriguing animals. Danny is well respected, and is often an expert source among his colleagues, and other reptile professionals. He is known for his passion, his diverse and impressive collection, and for his general love of all animals, especially the cold-blooded kind.

Hypnotist Jim Wand,

Jim Wand is back again this year for a week of hilarious shows! You won’t want to miss out!