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L &M Classic Inc. Larry & Margaret Drees

Sat Jan 22 – 10:00AM

Dubuque County Fairgrounds, Dubuque, IA Click to Map


Clemens Auction Company

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Phone: 563-590-2441

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Larry has been in the automotive business for 30 plus years. We will be selling his life time collection of his 1957 4 door Chevy Belair, plus 500 lots of new and old stock of 57parts and collectibles. Plus selling a nice collection of 200 plus lots of antiques, manuals, 1.18th scale 1957 muscle cars plus much more. This will be a life time collection. This sale will be Live/Online at the Dubuque County Fair grounds, Dubuque Iowa. Watch for pictures and up dates on online bidding plus the terms of the sale.

Lot #Description
101957 Chevy Belair 4dr Hard top, 283 2 barrel carburator power glide transmission, everything on the car is 1957 merchandise. Has dual rear antenna, rear deck trim, back up lights, dual exhaust, rubber bumper bullets, rear seat speakers, after market Am-Fm cassette radio to fit 1957 style, no cut out in the dash, radial whide white wall tires, car cover in the trunk, no rust, original 1957 cloth and vinyl interior, 3 boxes of misc assecories that will go with the car, many parts on the 1957 car are orginial, small scratch on drivers door, previous owner had the power attenna in the wront spot so moved it to the corret spot so there is an extra hole. car rungs great and has just been recently tuned up. Always stored inside in a controlled environment, Larry owned this for the past 20 years, took excellent care of it and was always serviced and maintained. Buy with confidence.
11Tail fins with the inserts- polished stainless steel, 52inches long
12Pair of front fender molding- all polished stainless steel- 56inches long
13Pair 2 door hard top door trim- all polished stainless steel- 46 3/4inches long
142 door hard top rear quarter panel upper trim- both sides left and right, all polished stainless steel- 5ft long
152 door hard top rear quarter trim- left side only, all polished stainless steel- 80 1/2inches long
162 door hard top, 2pcs of upper quarter curved trim on the top of the panel
17All original 1957 California one piece bumper, triple chrome pated out of AIH in Dubuque, IA
182x-1957 all original front bumper bullet gaurds rechromed by AIH
192x-1957 all original front bumper guard rechromed by AIH
202x- 1957 all original rear Nomad+Wagon bumper gaurds rechromed by AIH
212x- 1957 all original rear quarter stainless BelAir panels for 2dr hard top. Used but in very good shape
22All orginal 1957 used roof rails stainless steel
23All original 1957 used windshield trim
24All original 1957 used windshield trim
253x-All original 1957 used polished windshield trim
26All original 1957 used windshield trim
27All original 1957 bottom windshield trim
282x- All original 1957 seat trim
29All original 1957 used misc. trim
302x- GM Fisher sill plates- 39 1/2inches long
312x- 1957 All original 4dr. Sill plates used- 21 3/4inches long
321957 All original roof trim one piece
331957 Grille support bar- restored
341957 2dr interior stainless door trim
351957 all original door belt molding
361957 all original stainless interior window trim
371957 GM New old stock Verticle and top of fin moldings for gas door
381957 GM New old stock, gas tank door assembly
391957 All original used vertical and top of fin moldings for gas door, very good shape
401957 All original used vertical and top of fin moldings for gas door, very good shape
411957 All original used gas tank door assembly, very good shape
421957 All original used gas tank door assembly, very good shape
432x- 1957 GM New old stock gold qtr panel emblem
441957 GM after market gold guarter panel crest emblem
451957 GM New old stock BelAir Fender Louvers Gold, one set of 3
461957 New Power Brake Pedal
471957 All original electric Windshield Wiper Motor
481957 All original used seat shell- left side
491957 All original used rocker molding trim- 2pcs, 76inches long
501957 Gold smoothie grille- after market
511957 rear deck trim- after market with corners
521957 one set of after market fender skirts
531957 one set of after market fender skirts
541957 all original polished stainless steel top of fin molding 52inches long in very good shape
551957 all original polished stainless steel side molding, 3pcs one money all in a very good shape
561957 all original grille bar in very good shape
571957 all original hood bar, note crack in the middle
581957 all original 4pcs of headliner supports
591957 all original used drive shaft
601957 all original battery box
611957 all original radiator core- restored
621957 all original radiator housing
631957 all original 283 timing chain cover chrome
641957 all original 283timing chain cover paintable
651957 all original 283 breathing tube
661957 T-3 original style head lamp- Work
671957 T-3 original style head lamp- Work
681957 T-3 original style head lamp- Work
691964-66 Chevrolet or GMC Truck Stainless Steel 2-piece Vent Shades “original box”
701957 All original GM New and stock in original boxes, inside door handle
711957 All original GM new old stock in orginal boxes, inside door handle
721957 All original new old stock in original boxes, inside door handle
731957 All original new old stock in original box, hood or trunk emblem kit
741957 Chevrolet BelAir Emblem- gold
751957 Chevrolet BelAir Emblem- gold
761957 All original new old stock dome light rim in original box
771957 BelAir front gold VEE- aftermarket “new”
781957 Back up light kit- new after market
791957 GM New old stock back up lamp wiring kit
801957 All original used dipstick and tube
811957 all original footbar braces
821957 left and right door wiring covers
831957 Corvette valve covers
84GM 327 water pump- rebuilt
851958-1968 283-307-327 GM water pump
86Durablast DL 38355 Starter
871957 Original 283 4 barrel intake
881957 all original 283 4 barrel intake
891957 New after market rear deck board
901957 New after market 2dr window furring channel- 18 pieces
911957 All original used tissue dispensor cover
921957 All original new 4dr. Chrome edge gaurds in GM bag- 4 pieces
93Misc. Door edge gaurds- 8 pieces
949 pieces- Stainless Steel Misc. trim pieces for a 1957
951957 BelAir Arm Rest brackets- original used
961957 All original Power Steering sector complete
971957 GM 283 V-8 Water Pump
981957 GM New old stock BelAir Fender Louvers Gold, one set of 3
991957 All original dash cluster complete with gauges and shifting for power glide
1001957 all original dash cluster complete with gauges and shifting for a 3 speed
1011957 all original dash cluster with gauges except speedometer/odometer
1021957 All original speedometer/oddometer
1031957 Tempature Gauge
1041957 Gas Gauge
1051957 Misc. Gauges and Parts
1061957 Speedometer/Oddometer and trim rings
1071957 All original clock
1081957 All original clock
1091957 #83 Coil and Bracket
1101957 #3733976 GM exhaust manifold- right side
1111957 #3733970 GM exhaust manifold- left side
1121957 New after market kick panel black
1131957 New after market firewall pad w/grommets
1141957 New after market seat padding
1151957 All original used gas filler tube and housing
116Tub of misc. Older windshield wipers
117GM New Old Stock Spark Plug Ignition Shield part #3917664
118Assortment of new and used automobile parts, engine heater, relax switches, ignition switches, U joints, not related to 1957’s
1191957 New after market fender skirt seal
1201941-56 New after market chevy inner fender sponge U Seal
12157 Chevy Deluxe heat seals- new after market
1221957- All original fisher 2 door, door sill plates 40 1/2inches long
123Unity Mfg. Co. Model 56 spotlight
124Tote of misc. blower fans and parts- working???
1251957 New after market rear decks pads
1261957 After market Generator restoration kits
1271957 After market headlight grommet kit
1282- 1957 Fuel Lines
1294- Atlas locking gas caps
130CarQuest battery cable A22-4 4 Go. 22″ long
131Misc. new 1957 parts
132Misc. new and old 1957 parts
133Misc. Used 1957 Interior Parts
1341957 Misc. Parts
1351957 All Original rechromed rear bumper ends- driver sides
1361957 All Original rechromed rear bumper ends- passenger sides
1371957 All original rechromed hood rocket
1381957 All original rechromed hood rocket- some chrome distortion under bottom piece
1392-new stock rear main seal to 57 chevy
140Competition Cams- Mangum Roller rockers
14157 Chevy Door Latch figure gaurds
142Misc. Power steering hose gommet, misc. door bumpers, misc. fender spacers
143Brand new tie-rod end
144Used tie rod end and used window regulator/used door handle
145New distributor wire grommet, new glove box latch, new spark plug spacers, new headlight mounting assembly, 11 body mounting bolts, box of accessories for 57 new
1463951798 Cushion- 2 new GM cusions
1472 boxes of new Nyco ignition plus new 57 parts
1482 boxes of Misc. believed to b 57 parts
149Clips for interor 57 door panel and gaskets for 57 door handles
1502- used 57 sun visors
1512- 57 head lamp bezel
1525 Vibration spring cables for 57 brake drum
153Package 57 park light lens amber, 2 rear axel gasket seals(383-5048, 55-57 convert quarter window piv of bolt 383-3946, 57 door bumpers, 57 hood stop
15410- Door button seals with misc. clips
1552- new ac oil breathe caps
1562 new volttage regulators
157Power steering Alternator brackets, new choke pull off, 3 Coil bracket mounting
1582 Used 57 accelerator brackets
159Used interior dome light frame, new transmission mount, 2 new motor mounts
16057 window channel, 57 battery- hold downs, 57 windshield molding clips, 57 steering coloumn bracket, transmission piece
161ALL 57- clips upper quarter panel molding, gas door splings, headlight bezel screws, rubber bushings, glove box stop
162ALL 57- Used neutral safety switch, used blower boater resister, misc clips
163S.S corner window trim molding, center molding clips
1645 57′ windshield wiper arms J blades
165used rocker arms
166ALL 57- New– 2 Headlight Bezel trim bolt, door clippers, brake pedal, croos shaft Nylon, Door garnish clips, window stop, Idol Arm bearing kit, interior gasket, brake roller, bolts, tail light body seal
167Ford Mustand Parts
168Adhesive to install side Bel- Air panels
1693 rear mounts, 57 aftermarket speaker, Covers, 2 front dashes
1702- tail light lenses
1711957 emergency brake rollers, seat hold down, Misc. bumper/ grommet parts, Power glide front seal
17257 misc. Door/seats assembly kits
17357 spare tire wing nut-new and 5 spare tire hold downs
174Used Accelerator pedal-57
175All 57- Rivots vent window verticle seal, RPS US Seal 2058, steering coloumn support, gas door fin clip, bracket for transmission
176All Used 57- tie rod end, jointing bracket, lamp switch, gas door hinge, mirror mounting bracket
177All used 57- trunk latch, window channel, center seat bracket, temperature sensor, brake shoe adjusting kit
178power steer pump kit, glove box hinge, accelerator pedal bracket
17911 Transmission/ Carborator Adjusting Rods
180All 57- Emergency brake adjusting bracket, 283 oil filter tube, U-Joint new with box
181Misc. Glass mounting bezel rubbers- new and 2 inner fender dust shields homemade
182belts- trim- window channel- All misc. for 57
183Rear license plate bracket,  hood latch trim, wndow regulator cranks, transmission bracket, door bumpers/ 2 grommets all 57
1845.5 windshield trim slicer, rear tailgate top lift supporter
185New rebuilt Armature for powersteering/altenator for a 57
186New old stock parking brake electric signal in GM Box- 57
18757- New old stock wheel spinners set of 3
188Misc. Dash Cluster Trim/Lenses, Antenna Bezels, Interior Door Light switch
189All new- 5 rocher molding clips for 55, 2 mirror mounting bracket, moulding windhsield connector, rear window moulding connector
190Interior Seat Backer/cushion
191Valve Cover stencil kit 57- new, 57 oild filter spin off
1922 new rubber window vent, front light and dash harness hook up, door trim seal
193new trunk seal and inner to outer fender seal
1942- tinted vent window glass- new
195new rear 57 seal, new gasoline filters new, 2 new gasoline filter elements- new
196used gasoline filters
1972 used gasoline filters
1982 used gasoline filters
199Interior Door trim/ seal packing strip 1/2in
2003/4in interior door trim/ sealing packing stop
2014-new 345970 GM 57 Bolts
202Winshield Seal trim- new
203Heater and Air vent control panel 57- set of 4
204Heater control cable set 62 Chevy, set of 4
205Hood Anti Squeak seals 57
206All 57- hood latch, fender bracket, trunk trim
207Interior/ Exterior S.S Trim- window trim 57
208New 57 exhaust seals-4
209Misc. bolts fender
210used vaccum wiper motor spring clips-leaf
211Alternator adjusting brackets
212rear trunk inner trunk deck, vent tubes, gas fuel hoes, misc. brake lines
213door cable and 2 heater cables
2146 blade 57 fan blades
2154 blade 57 fan blades
216spark plug wire
2172- exhaust extension 807-3007- new- bell and tappered 4′
2182- exhaust extension 807-3007- new- bell 2′
219GM 371255-1595 U Belt- new old stock
220AC Pully- Double groove used 57
221Crankshaft Pully- Double groove
222Fan Pully- Double Groove
223Timing Chain Cover
224Thermostat Chrome, thermostat housing
22557 Thermostat housing
22657 Carborator rod, spring, and misc. engine parts
227Gas Door housing, ash tray housing with ash tray and ash tray housing
228Non 57 Wagner brake hardwire kit, battery cable
229Heater Vent Tubing, Air Cleaners-new, Carborator Gaskets new- 57 mostly
23057 AM Radio, speaker transformer
2316- speakers
232Borg Warner Fuel Pump- FP-2408
233All 57-Delco 1993659 Neutral Safety Switch, Heater blower boater reseters(used), Demer switch used, trunk lock used, used insisde rearview mirror
234Chrome Door Lock new and fueld filler door guard oldsmobile- new
235All 57- 17″ 1 3/4″ Fueld door hose new, 20416 Radiator hose, 20145 radiator hose
236All 57- 3 used vent tubes for air vent, window regulator for vent, spark plug shield, dimmer switch trim panel, 4 fender shims, transmission mount bracket
23757 Used chrome valve cover bolts
238Radiator shield support- rebuilt
23957 283 Water pump
240Dust shield
241Used 57 horns
2422- blower motor shields and 1 fan guard
24357 283 head gasekt and valve cover gasket
244misc bumper, vaccum choke pulloff, heat riser
245Electric wiring set- pulle dout of a car
246New carborator kits
247Sun Specification service sheets 1965-1975
248Continental kits
249Monro shop display and new shocks and struts
250Chevrolet Accessories- new/old stock box, litter container 987799
251Corvette Interior Rolls and cut outs
25257 Trim
25379 Corvette Driver Door Mirror
254Interior Insulation- Corvette
25557 Thunderbird misc parts, S.S fender skirts, power switch S.S bezel, Misc Switches, Used arm rest vynol covering
256Used side moulding clips- whole box
257Rebuil 72 Bumper jack
258Side trim for Chevy Extended Cab Pick-up truck
25962 Chevy S.S Power steering sector brackets
260Dodge Dakot Mud Guards
26170 Chevy Pick-up vent shades
262Old gas caps used and used hood latch
26357 generator – used
264283 Chrome dip-stick and ground cables
265Several new and used battery cables
266Volkswagon rear window seal, carborator, blower motor
267used mirrors
26869 Lincoln  Marked 5 AM 8 track radio
269Kenwood compact audio dischanger- 10 CD’s
270Misc. 57 Convertible reel/ black interior pieces
271New Spark Plugs, misc. gaskets, lock nuts
27257 2 Door hard top, 1 door used glass, 2 vent used glass, 2 rear used glass
2731953 Motrama Corvette Poster
2741896-1996 Amerrean Automobile Centinial Poster
275Stainless steel gas tank mounting straps
2761957 Used hood bar extensions
2771957 Used chrome convertible quarter belt mouldings door and rear quarter- set of 4
2781957 Used Horn ring
2791957 used rear bumper ends
2801957 used rear bumper ends with lenses
2811957 used rubber bumper bullets
2821957 Used BelAir Dash trim
2831957 used BelAir hood and trunk Scripts
2841957 Used BelAir hood and trunk V’s
2851957 Used Interior rear view mirror
2861957 Used turn signal
2871957 Used shifting lever
2881957 Used pair of used back up light covers
289Set of spark plug wires
290V8 283 used harmonic balanced pully
291V8 283 used harmonic balanced pully
292V8 283 used harmonic balanced pully
293V8 283 used harmonic balanced pully
294V8 283 used harmonic balanced pully
2951957 V8 283 Water pump pully
2961957 V8 283 Water pump pully
2971957 V8 283 Water pump pully
2981957 V8 283 Water pump pully
299Rochester 4 jet 4 barrel carborator- we believe it’s a 283 off a 57
300Carter 4 jet 4 barrel carborator
301Carter 4 jet 4 barrel carborator
302Rochester 4 jet 4 barrel carborator- we believe it’s a 283 off a 57
303Rochester 2 jet 2 barrel carborator- we believe it’s a 283 off a 57
304Offenhauser 2-one barrel carborator
305Offenhauser mounting plate
306Rochester quadjet 4 barrel carborator
3071957 Chevy 4dr hardtop front windshield- tinted glass-new
3081966 Buick Convertible 2dr. Misc trim, stainless steel
3091966 Buick Convertible top mounting frame rails
310Misc. radiator horse and used wire harness
311Used Horn- off of a Farmall H
312Misc. Brake and fuel lines
313Misc. brake and fuel lines
3141957 283 V8 Engine vin 3731548 build date K156
315283 V8 oil pan
3161957 original full disk hub caps(set of 3)
3171957 Original full disk hub caps(set of 4)
3181957 Original full disk hub caps(set of 4)- excellent condition
3191957 Original full disk hub cap- single
320GM Division Wire wheels part number: 3908762- came off of a 66 supersport- very good( set of 4)
3211964 Chevy SuperSport Hub caps (set of 4)
322Chevy Baby moon hub caps 10.5inches (set of 5)
323Chevy GM Pick-up Hub Caps- 10.5inches- one has damage(set of 4)
3241957 283 #3731554 two barrel carborator head
3251957 283 Power Pack 4 barrel carborator head #3731539
3261957 283 Valve cover heads- (2)
3271957 500 Superior Performance Products Steering Wheel
3281957 Steering Wheel- mint gree
3291957 Steering Wheel- brown
3301957 Steering Wheel- orange
331Convertible top power cylinder, new- we believe it belongs to a 1957
332Convertible top power cylinder, used, can be rebuilt, we believe it belongs to a 1957
3331957 used power steering cylinders, can be rebuilt( 2)
3341957 283 4 barrel oil bath air filter
3351957 Used Headlight muzzles- one is cracked(2)
3364-1957 Hub Cap Spinners- one original and three aftermarket- lense is the original
3372-1957 Dash Trims- used- left side
3381966 SuperSport Starter- needs to be rebuilt
339DelCo Remi Starter #1107110- used
340DelCo Remi Starter #1107622- rebuilt
341DelCo Remin Starter #1107626- rebuilt
3421957 Starter #1107694- Used- V8 Turbo glide
3431957 front wheel brake drum with barrings- used
3441957 front wheel brake drum with barrings- used
345DelCo Remi #1102101 rebuilt generator
346DelCo Remi #1102115 used generator to be used with a power steering pump
347Delco Remi 1957 Starter used #1107664
348DelCo Remi used starter #1109064
349DelCo Remi used generator to be used with a power steering pump #38U11-09
3501957 Treddle vac mounting bracket
351Rebuilt treddle vac power assist power break- with vent and caps
352Hurst Shifter
354Federal Mogul Performance Power Forged Pistons- new- #L2165 STD
3551957 Pair of Hood Hinges- with springs- Used
3561957 Pair of Hood Hinges- without springs- used
3571957 Pair of Hood Hinges- without springs- Used
3581957 Pair of Hood Hinges- with springs-Used
3591957 Hood Hinge with spring- used
3601957 Chevy 2dr window regulators
3611957 Chevy 2dr rear door window regulators
3621957 Original Fan Blades- Used
3631957 Original Fan Blades- Used
364Steering Wheel Repair Kit- POR15 Inc. – New
3651957 town rim Bias Tire 750-14 4ply
3661957 town rim Bias Tire 750-14 4ply
3671957 town rim Bias Tire 750-14 4ply
3681957 town rim Bias Tire 750-14 4ply
369Heater housings vent gromments and steering column support vent — fresh air vent seal kits
370Body bumpers for axles
371Misc. OM GM brake houses- total of 10
372Two striker plates- 1957 OEM- one money
373Two striker plates- 1957 OEM- one money
374Front Spring Shackle Unit, Tie Rod Socket Assembly Right Hand OEM GM
375Pedal Pad and Traffic Light Viewer OEM 1957
3761957 Rear Bumper License plate light- new after market and a 1957 cigarrett lighter
3771957 Brake Handle Corvette Chrome- new and a 1957 Heater Control Face- new and a 1957 Taillight to Body Seal- new and Cluster Screws- new and a neutral safety switch
378New Old stock Relay Asemmbly #9831949 and Idler Arm Kit- new and Idler Arm ball Bearing Kit- new and A Frame Bushings
3791957 Dimmer Switch- new and 1957 283 Rear main seal and 2-1957 Hood Bumpers new old stock and Idler Arm Ball Bearing Kit- new
380New Brake roller bolts (two of them) and New dimmer switch and Leaf Spring Risers
381Idler Arm Repair Kit and Two A Frame Bushings and Used 1957 Light Switch
382Misc. 1957 Dash Bezzles( wiper, cigarette lighter)
3831970 Buick Turn Signal and Cruise Control Button- new old stock
384New Air Condition Relay AR135 and New Relay BWD R169 and HR-117 Horn Relay and Gasoline Filter G-124
3851996 13S CARQUEST seal and 49471 Oil Seal and GT20L Locking Gas Tank Cap and Fuel Filter CG-3 and
3861957 Accelerator Pedal Cover
387Alternator and mounting Bracket and 4-1957 Hood Springs
388Armetur for Generator and Engine Heater Model W2
3891957 Non Glare day and night rear view mirror (Mirror is broken)
3901957 New old Stock fender louvers for BelAir
3912- Wheel Cylinder Repair kits- #3771783 and 5 bumper bolts chrome and one glove box bumper and an antenna fender bezzle
392CARQUEST K27091 gasket and anti-squeak bumber seals and head lamp body to bucket seal and 1957 steering coloumn floor seal auto with power breaks and 1957 Chevy Splash Pan Seals
3931957 Chevy Clovk Face Clock Lense and Gas tank sending unit gasket and upper trunk bumpers and steering coloumn seal(2) and replacement lamp plug and gas tank door bumpers and misc. garnish trim screws and back-up light wiring connector and misc. turn signal pieces
3941957 Headlight Housing Insert Decal Set new stock, 1957 tail light lense(1), Air Inlet Drain tube gromments(2) and wire harness – all new stock
395Turn Signal Nylon bushing and rubber pad, Fueld door rubber bumpers, woper arm pivot rivet stainless steel, turn signal nylon bushing and rubber pad, door bumpers(2), tail fin mounting clips- ALL 1957 NEW STOCK
396Turn Signal Arm Chrome, Door handle gaurds, Paint gaskets, head light assembly mounting kit, shift coloumn lever link bushing- All 1957 NEW STOCK
397Rear Window Corner Mouldings, horn cap emblem BelAir, wiper arm pivot river stainless steal- new stock 1957
398Horn Ring Center Cap, and horn ring center BelAir- new Stock
399Used Horn Ring BelAir center cap- complete
400Spark Plug Wire Shield(2) and 1957 283 Dipstick
4011957 Turn Signal Mechanism, Headlight Mounting assembly, seat belt back stops, door garnish interior clips, turn signal cancels cans
4021957 Rocker Moulding mounting clips (3)
403Turn Signal Mechanism, turn signal cancel can, turn signal cancel can spring( one new one used) and turn signal bushings and rubber pads
404Fire wall pad fasteners, front license plate bracket, window regulator rollers and ribets, turn signal cancel cam
4051957 radio expression and knobs, Window regulator rollers and ribets(2), 1957 Fin Molding Pin Set, Radiator Pedcat
4061957 Finder Louvers(6) after market
4071957 front license plate bracket, 57 tie rod sleeve
408Stainless steel staples to mount Bel Trim, GM adapter antenna cable, heat riser used, heat riser choke tube
409New Stock Heat Riser
410Misc. hood anti squek, misc tailight mounting screws and bolts, and misc. body shims and bolts
4111957 Chevy 2 complete wiper blades
4121957 283 Rear main seal, battery hold down, dimmer switch grammet
4131957 2dr hard top used door locks and ignition swtich including trunk and glove box
414Wheel cylinder brake repair kit #904-J, horn relay, gas cap, misc turn signals – ALL USED
4151957 Used day and night rear view mirror, two used rear tailights with gaskets, two mounting brackets and one lense for back up lights(1957)
4161957 fuel sending unit with float with two extra floats and filter
4171956 Used marking lamp
418Under dash Ignition switch starter and oil sending unit
419Passenger alternator conversion
420Passenger heater blower swtich power wire and heater blower motor lead wire
421passenger power lead wire V8 and glove box lead wire light
422Under the dash wiring harness, instrument cluster wiring,
4234 leaf spring bushings, 2 moulding clips, pannel adhesive, wiring harness
4241957 power window switch driver door and passenger door with mounting bracket
4251957 Fuse panel, 57 blower motor resister
426DOAN accelorator pedal- new
4271957 used glass fuel filter
4281957 used glass fuel filter with spring
4291957 used glass fuel filter with filter
4302-heater core resister, carborator grommet, AC A196C Air Filter
4311967 Used Impala hood and trunk bar emblems
4323- GM Scripts
4331967 Impala Seat trim with mounting plates and convertible snaps
4341971-76 Chevy Convertible 1/4 window roller assembly (new), glass mounting brackets, 4-1976 GM moulding clips
4351957 T-Bird center steering wheel cap
436Convertible top power button- used, steering light
4372015 Colorado Back-up camera and wiring adaptor
4381955-57 2- tie rod outer ends- NEW
439New Master Fuel Pump #4193- fits most GM Engines
440Chevrolet Emblem
441misc. bumper guard, thermostat housing, horn
4421957 Door Handle arm rests
443Distributor and Ford teather kit for towing
444DelCo Remi 1957 #1110891 Dual Point Distributor for 2-4 barrel carborator
445DelCo Remi 1957 #1110891 Dual Point Distributor for 2-4 barrel carborator- not assembled
446DelCo Remi 1957 #1110879 Dual Point Distributor for 2-4 barrel carborator
447204 Used Coil with bracket and used voltage regulator, relay and cover plates- all used
4481957 Chevy windshield washer jar with vaccum pump
4491957 Chevy washer jar mounting bracket
4501956 Chevy Attenna- new
4511955 Chevy Attenna- new
452Walker DynoMax 24455 Glasspack Muffler- new
453Ford Atenna Cable and a pair of misc. grommets
454Thrust muffler- new
455Delco Sonmoatic GM AM Radio- Used
456Ford Town and Country Am Radio- used
457Aftermarket Realistic AM/FM 8 track radio- Used
458GM AM/FM 8 track radio- Used
4591957 Chevy AM Radio- Used
460Custom Audio Sound AM/FM Cassett radio to fit in 1957- used
461Car Stereo Connector and 3 misc. antenna- 1 complete, 2 uprights
4621957 Steering Pump with hoses- Used
463DelCo Remi #1102115 Generator with power steering pump attached
464Interior Kick pannel  MKP15P 2F1A1
4651994 Ranger Seat adjusters
4661957 Dash Cluster- has been trimmed to take 605 power steering
467Dash Cluster Trim
468Drive Shaft yoke
4695- 1957 Rocker molding clips 40- side moulding clips with a few vaccum lines
470Pontiac lighted hood ornament with pitting
4711957 Door Glass channel, transmission linkange and transmission spring
4721957 Rear quarter stainless steel garnish trim
4731957 hood latch, 1957 air vent cover
4741957 283 used fuel pump, floor motor fan and misc. motor brackets
475Fuel filter, misc. window track
4761957 Chevy 15in Country Rim
4771957 Chevy 15in Country Rim
4781957 Chevy 15in Town Rim
4791957 Used Brake master cylinder and 1957 front motor mount used
4801957 Front bupmer mounting brackets left and right- damaged
4811957 front bumper mounts right and left- painted
4821957 Deluxe heater controled bessel- used
4831957 Power steering rebuilt kit and original GM #3759198 Rubber Boot
4841957 4dr hard top interior lower rear stainless steel mouldings-used but good condition
4851957 Upper exterior BelAir curved moulding 14 3/4inches
4862- Door jam mouldings-used
4871957 Rear license plate mounting brackets-new
488Heat riser-used
4891957 singe exhaust pipe #48041- new
4901957 Blower Mower mounting bracket fender to inner fender
4911957 Blower mower with fan and housing- used
4921957 Used power steering piston
4931957 windshield installation seal- new
4941957 Used Interior Mounting Wires and 3 1957 windshield mounting clips and 1-1957 interior adjusting bolt
4951957 Electric Ballast and misc. screws, misc. carborator linkage, gas door rubber stops, 2-interior lighting brackets, stainless steel V moulding joint, 2-misc. brackets, 2- backup light double connectors,
496GM chrome fuel pump cover-used, carborator kit for a 1949 Holley Mercury,
4971957 283 Flex plate- rebuilt
4981957 283 power glide engine mounting bracket #498
4991957 283 Oil Filters (2)- new
5001957 Chevy Slightly used floor mats- 1 set
5011957 Bumper jack, original rebuilt
5021957 Convertible Power Motor cover??????-used but repainted
5031964 Pontiac GTO crank, Corners for a tunnel cover, 4-chrome bell stem extensions, interior sunriser mirror, chrome crank handles
504Valve compressor with groove cleaner
505Valve compressor with groove cleaner
506Valve compressor with groove cleaner
507Misc. honing tools, and misc. ringing tools
5081957 Wheel Spinner-used
5092-center caps
5102- Snyder Exhaust Extensions
5112-Exhaust Extensions
5121- Exhaust Extension
513Convertible Top bows and pads
5142- backer plates
5152- backer plates
5164- Atlas gas caps #41671041 1974-78 Mustangs and Maverick
517RPM Gauge
5184-Atlas gas caps, #671032
5191-Atlas gas caps, #31671031
520American Motors 1- Atlas Gas cap and 1-Studabacker Atlas gas cap with lock in key
5212- Atalas Gas Cap AS1A
522Atlas Lock in Key gas cap 522
523Atlas Lock without key gas cap AC
5246-Misc. Radiator and Gas Caps
525Diamond- Kote Tinted Glass
526Tie Rod, Fuel Sending Filter, Horn Relay(Used), Valve Cover hold down Chrome, door handle backers
52760in Manual Holder- Metal
52815in Manual Holder- Metal with 2 manuals
52915in Manual Holder- Metal with several manuals
5308in Manual Holder- Metal
5312- Chilton Manuals
5325- Manuals
533Box of Manuals
5342-Chilton Manuals
5374-Chilton Manuals 1982,1980-87, 1970-82
5382-Motor Truck Repair Manual
539Chevrolet Master Part Catalog
5401957 Chevrolet passenger car manual
5411963 Chevrolet Assembly Manual
5421957 Complete Instruction Manual- all 57 chevy cars
543Auto Interchange Systems Manual
5446 Manuals, 1971,1969,1977
5456- Ford new Model Training Manuals 1995
546Automobile Books
5472- Chilton Manuals 1965 and 1979
548Chilton 1980 and 83 Manual
5493- Motor Manuals
5502- Motor manuals 1984 and 1981
551Carter Carborator 1970 Manual
5523- Chilton Manuals 1192-96,1970-83,1976
5531969 Chevy Truck, 1998 Buick Centrury Owner, Ford truck manual, Chevy Convertible Manual
5541967 Mercury Cougar, NAPA Manual, 16th Ed. Hollander Manuals
5551957 Chevy Restoration Guide
556Chevrolet Manuals: Chevrolet Transmissons, Engine and Cooling Systems, Steering, Clutch and Manual, Wheels and Tires, Brakes
5571980 and 1964 Motor Auto Repair manuals
5582-American Motors Atlas Gas Caps #671043
5592-109 New Atlas Oil Filler Caps
5602-104 New Atlas Oil Filler Caps
5612-33 New Atlas Gas Caps
5621-30 and 1-36 New Atlas Gas Caps
563Misc. Autombomile parts: Relays, Sensors, Voltage Regulator
564Box of Carborator Kits- some complete, some not
565Buss Fuses with display rack
566Master MOOG key holder with lock and 2 keys
5671957 new stock moulding clips
568Stainless Steel screws and bolts for trim and accessories
5691957 exterior mouldings clips and bumpers
570Inerior seat clips
5716 drawer rack
572Gate- Belt Length Finder
573Borden’s Depost Case 8-PHX-51 Wood Crate
574DEKALB Weather Vane
575DEKALB Weather Vane
576Buick Wildcat Air Filter Emblem
577Popular mechanics manual for Chevrolet Owners 1940-Current year(60ish)
578Empty Boxes: GM 3760007 OEM(2) and AC Gas line filter element original
579Pedal Car layed out to be a 1957 design- missing hub caps and pedal and seat is homemade
580BF Goodwire Tire Pre-war cardboard sign
581Box of 8 tracks
582Box of 45 records- old PeterPan and other misc.
583Lyric Junior. 45 Holder- holds up to 51 records
584Car Telephone- does work
585RCA Victor Auto Underdash 45 Record Player
5861957 Car Poster
587Original 1957 Car Brochure- Double Sided
588Dual Exhaust Tips with Red Reflectors- manufactured by Peters & Russell Inc. Springfield, Ohio- slightly used good condition
589Oynx Shifting lever knob
5901957 Chevrolet Matchbook- Bailey Motor Co. Guttenburg, Iowa
591Ertl Collectible- American Muscle Cruisin Series- Dolly’s Drive In
592Old Drive In Tray
593CocaCola tray
594CocaCola tray
5951957 Car Picture
596Misc. Advertising Tins
597Bobby Labonie Signed
598Kenny Shrader Signed
599Joe Nemencheck- Signed
6001957 BelAir Convertible Picture
6011966 Chevrolet 427 Convertible Picture
602CocaCola Picture
6031961 Chevrolet Dual Quad Picture
604Taxi’s Resturant with 3-1957 cars out front picture
6052dr 1957 Picture
606Bottle of CocaCola- 1988 Winston Cup Champion Bill Elliot
607Corvette Sign- Cardboard
608Picture Memorbilia
609Picture Memorbilia
6101997 MAC Tool Calendars(2)
6111996 MAC Tool Calendars(2)
6121996 MAC Tool Calendars(2)
613Box of Advertising Calendars
614Box of Advertising Calendars
615Box of Advertising Calendars
616Miller Genuine beer Sign- metal
617Several Paper Beer Signs
6183- Racing Champions cars
6191996 Racing Champion Cars
620Misc. little cars
621Ford Thunderbird car- driver mirror is broke
6221926 Seagrave Fire Truck Bank- 1991 100th Firemans- Dyersville IA
623Corvette Model Car
6241957 Before and After Restoration- Ertl with certificate of authenticity- rare
6251955 Chevy Convertible first edition model car
6261955 Chevy Sedan Delivery Third Edition Model Car
627Grand Daddy of them All 45th Anniversary Dyersville Commercial Club Semi-Pro Baseball- Ertl
6282-Chevrolet BelAir
6291967 ThunderBird and 1957 BelAir
6301952 GMC Dry Goods Van
6311975 Chevy Tow Truck
6321957 Chevy Bank with lock and key
633Snap On 1951 GMC Panel Truck
6341957 Chevy- Ertl Collectibles
635Bobcat Hydraulic Excavator 225
6361948 Tucker
637Thunderbird Showcar
6381955 Chevrolet BelAir
6391956 Chevrolet BelAir
6401957 chevrolet Corvette
6411955 Chevrolet 3100 Cameo
6421957 Chevrolet Nomad
6431957 Chevy BelAir
6441957 Chevy BelAir Convertible
6451969 Hurst Olds Convertible
6461957 Custom Chevy Sport Coupe
6471957 Chevy
6481956 Chevrolet BelAir
6491957 Chevy BelAir Race Car
6501957 Chevrolet belAir Fire Chief
6511957 Chevrolet BelAir police Chief
6521956 Chevy BelAir Convertible
6531957 Chevy BelAir Convertible
6541957 Chevy BelAir Convertible
6551953 Corvette Golden Line Collection- First year
6561957 Chevy BelAir Convertible
6571955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria
6581955 Pink Cadillac- Elvis
6591957 Chevrolet Corvette Drag car
6601957 Chevrolet BelAir Fireball racecar
6611957 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
6621956 Sunliner Convertible
6631955 Chevrolet BelAir
6641955 Chevrolet Convertible- millenium edition
6651961 Chevy Impala SunStar
6661955 Chevrolet BelAir
6671957 Chevy BelAir- Happy days
6681957 Chevy BelAir Sport Coupe
6691957 Chevy American Grafitee Car
6701 of 2500 Limited Edition 1957 Chevy BelAir Sport Coupe
6711969 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
6721960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
6731960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
6741961 Chevy Impala SunStar
675Collection Series 124th Chevy BelAir 1957 Hardtop Convertible
6761937 Chevrolet Bank signed by Randy Travis- 1/24th
677Collectors Edition Corvette Convertible
678The English Pub- Dyersville IA Bank
6791925 Kenworth Stake Truck with Barrels True Value hardware
680The John Deere 310D Backhoe Loader
681Dr. Pepper #50 Tony Roper
682Richard Petty STP Anniversary Cars
683Richard Petty STP Anniversary Car
684Richard Petty STP Anniversary Car
685Richard Petty STP Anniversary Car
686Richard Petty STP Anniversary Car
687Ertl- Davey Allison Commemorative Lancaster Lumina Race Car
688Ertl- mark Martin Valvoline Thunderbird Race Car
689Ertl- 1997 Monte Carlo Terry Labonte Race Car
690Ertl- 1 of 3500 Kodak monte Carlo Sterling Marlin Race Car
691Ertl- Ken Schrader Budweiser Monte Carlo
692Ertl-Mcdonalds Thunderbird Bill Elliot
693Ertl- Mcdonalds Thunderbat Bill Elliot
694Rusty Wallace-Miller Genuine Draft
695Dick Trickle- Artic Cat
6961/24th scale Wally Dallenbach Hendrick Moto Sports 1 of 2499
6971/24th scale Interstate batteries #18 Bobby Labonte
6981/24th John Deere #97 Race Car
6991/24th scale #21 Citgo Michael Waltrip 1996 ed.
7001/24th scale Family Channel #16 Ted Musgrave Thunderbird
701Kellog’s Corn Flakes 50th Anniversary 18ox box
702Kellog’s Corn Flakes Hendricks Motorsports 24oz box
703Smokin’ BBQ Bugles #6 Mark Martin
704Smokin’ BBQ Bugles #6 Mark Martin Valvoline
705Original Bugles #6 Mark Martin Valvoline
706Budweiser King of Beers Picture
707Kellog’s Racing #5 Terry Labonte Hendricks Semi, Picture, and 2 small Cars
7081:64 scale 4 Revell race cars
709Century Miller Industries- Cattanooga TN Wrecker and Hendrick’s Semi Car hauler
7101:64 scale Racing Champion Ernie Irvan collectible car and Rusty Wallace Picture
7114- 1:64 scale Racing Champion 1997 Ed. Bill Elliot, Daryl Waltrip, Ernie Irvan, and Cartoon Network
7124- 1:64 scale Terry Labonte #5 race cars