Where is my gate?

Your gate number can be found on this map:

Where is my gate?2017-11-26T22:11:29-06:00

Where is the will call?

During the fair, the will call is located in the box office at the top of the grandstand. Before fair, all will-call tickets are available in the fair office.

Where is the will call?2022-04-08T11:08:05-05:00

I’ve lost my ticket. What do I do?

Call or stop by our office (the box office at the top of the grandstands during the fair). We can reprint you a new ticket. (We will also void out your old ticket so that no one else can use it.)

I’ve lost my ticket. What do I do?2017-04-09T21:11:26-05:00

Can I get a backstage pass?

We do not sell back stage (VIP) passes to the general public. Generally, back stage passes are reserved for sponsors and specific Dubuque County Fair Staff. From time-to-time, some of our sponsors will give away back stage passes through contests. Do not buy back stage passes from anyone else – they are most likely fake. 

Can I get a backstage pass?2017-04-09T21:07:33-05:00

Does my concert ticket include fair admission?

Concert tickets do not include the required fair admission, which is $10 for anyone 12 or older (children 11 and younger are free for general fair admission). You will need to purchase this from our website, the fair office (before fair week only), or when you get to the fair. We accept all credit cards, cash, or check.

Does my concert ticket include fair admission?2018-04-19T17:57:21-05:00

What are the ticket fees? Can I avoid paying them?

The ticket fees help us cover credit card processing and ticket system fees. These fees are automatically applied to every ticket purchased online and over the phone. If you purchase your ticket in person, most of these fees are waived. 

What are the ticket fees? Can I avoid paying them?2022-04-08T11:15:15-05:00

Is there a carry-in policy for concerts?

Generally, you can bring in anything to the concert venue that you purchase on the fairgrounds. There are some things, however, that we cannot allow due to contract and safety reasons. Please note that we will search all bags for everyone’s safety.

Things that we cannot allow into the concert areas:

  • Anything not allowed on the fairgrounds (including weapons, coolers, and outside alcohol that was not purchased on the fairgrounds).
  • Professional Cameras (Unless you have special permission from the DCFA Management and a media pass.)
  • In the festival area: cans and bottles (We will give you a cup to pour your drink into.)
Is there a carry-in policy for concerts?2019-03-01T16:17:44-06:00