Each section of seating offers different amenities.

Festival Area

Standing room only, this section is right in front of the stage and provides the best concert experience. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase directly from the festival area. There are also port-a-potties available in this section. This section is accessed by stairs, but special accommodations can be made by contacting the fair office. Attendees may exit and return to this section, but because it is standing room only you might want to have someone save your spot. Get there early! The line starts at gate 3.

Grandstand Reserved

This is the bottom half of the grandstand and provides fairgoers an excellent view of the stage while sitting. To make your experience even more comfortable, these seats have backs. These seats are accessed via stairs. As the name implies, this section’s seating is reserved – so you can get up from your seats safely knowing they’ll be waiting for you when you return from the restroom with a cup of lemonade. Enter at gates 4 and 5.

Grandstand General Admission

These seats are at the top half of the grandstand and still provides concert goers a great view. These seats are bench style (no back rests) and first-come, first-serve – so if you leave and come back you might not get the exact same seat again. (Unless you have someone save it for you!) These seats are accessed by stairs, with the exception of the top row which is accessible for wheelchairs. Enter at gates 6 and 7 .

Hillside General Admission

These seats are on both the east and west sides of the grandstand and are great for those on a budget. The views are still good, but not as good as the grandstand or festival area seats. These seats are bench-style and on a grassy hillside. There’s also plenty of room on the grass if you’d rather take in the concert picnic style! These seats are accessed by stairs, but have space for wheelchair accessible seating at the top of both sides. Enter at gates 1 or 9.