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The Dubuque County Fair Association (DCFA) is a non-profit organization established in 1953, to plan and operate the Annual Dubuque County Fair. The Association has grown immensely in 66 years and the DCFA now offers visitors 96 acres of acutely manicured property, 3 rental facilities with a combined square footage of over 32,000 square feet of indoor space, adequate parking for thousands of cars, a 3/8 mile dirt race track, an outdoor Festival Area, experienced event planners and full service food and beverage amenities.


Mission Statement

The Dubuque County Fair Association, a non-profit organization, is a community resource that exists to educate and promote the culture and heritage of Dubuque County, while uniting urban and rural communities in celebration.

Did you know…

  • The Dubuque County Fair is rich with tradition. As one of the oldest and most successful events in our county, its success stems deeply from the support of our Community.
  • Nearly 20 local non-profit organizations benefit financially from the Annual Dubuque County Fair, using it as their annual fundraising
    event raising nearly $100,000 to give back to our community.
  • The Dubuque County Fair greatly assists in funding the Dubuque County 4-H & FFA activities at the Fair contributing $10,000 cash in
    premium / ribbon money to pay ribbon winners.
  • The Dubuque County Fair Association does not receive county or state money to support the Annual Dubuque County Fair. Less than 1% of our annual Budget comes from State or County Aid to assist with capital improvement expenses.
  • The Dubuque County Fair is recognized by the Association of Iowa Fairs as a “Blue Ribbon Fair” designated only, to fairs who have showed continued improvement and growth.


Kevin Kotz, General Manager
Melissa Kotz, Event Facility/Office Manager
Mike Fagan, Maintenance Manager
Dee Gaul, Office Assistant

Board of Directors

Daryl Biechler, President
Ann Schuster, 1st Vice President
Tony Steffen, 2nd Vice President
Jeff Avenarius, Director at Large 1st Chair
Dee Gaul, Director at Large 2nd Chair
Terry Waller, Director at Large 3rd Chair

Melissa Kotz
Melissa Kotz


Bonnie Avenarius
Jeff Avenarius
Daryl Biechler
Kevin Donovan
Mary Gansen
Dee Gaul
Alison Green
Bill Hanten
Fred Henneberry
Tami Hill
Bob Hochrein
Robert Kenneally
Karen Kutsch
Charlie Lundgren
Marty McClain
Matt Oberhoffer
Ann Schuster
Angie Sigwarth
Jerry Sigwarth
Tony Steffen
William Watters
Brian Wessels
Alex Waller
Terry Waller

Associate Directors

Nancy Henry
Nick Kringle
Jaime Pluemer
Bobbi Jo Bellman
Megan Gronau
Tony Regan
Pat Schroeder
Thomas Sharkey
Sierra Valentine

Honorary Directors

LeRoy Althaus
Marla Avenarius
Richard Bradley
Paul Coates
Virgil Hammerand
Jim Hauber
Don Jecklin
Jim Siegert
Danny Waller

Junior Board

Whitney Clemens
Camerin McClain
Grace Strief
Johnny Wessels
Megan Claude
Amanda Rea
Nathan Donovan
Madison Strief
Rachel Brehm
Wyatt Hilken